Tensei shitara slime datta ken


Alternative names: Tensei Slime, Tensura, That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Season 2 Part 2

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Rimuru: To put it simply, I killed all of them already

Fuze: Killed what?

Rimuru: The entire falmuth army. All of them are already dead ha ha ha ha....

Fuze: Understandable. Have a great day

Lamoooo everyone one talking about the baby in the air but notoàn thân talking about Eren's father weaving jutsu sign's from narulớn.

Was thinking they're gonmãng cầu cram a lot of references now that Veldora got dem manga, but isn't that the way Razen cast his spells before?

nobody toàn thân talking about Eren's father weaving jutsu sign's from naruto lớn.

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I posted it earlier but when I saw it I knew it had khổng lồ be gif'd

Yeah it was funny but I instantly recognize the way the spell looked from overlord. Not only that but explosion

This was covered in the manga/ anime earlier, so not a spoiler, but veldora never had lớn train a day in his life since he was the almighty storm rồng. When Rimuru was evolving, everyone connected lớn him, including Veldora, was eligible to get a gift. He initially was going to pass on it, but great sage or now Raphael bullied hlặng into lớn training a bit to getting one to be of use lớn Rimuru when Veldora broke miễn phí, hence why Veldora now has an ultimate.


well he is on a transition from a OP Long that doesnt need to learn how lớn fight (too powerful, so it doesnt matter) khổng lồ a crazy manga nerd that will learn a bunch of useless but cool looking arts & moves. So who can say?