Left 4 dead 2 map pack #9


Valve"s epic zombie-slaying FPS Left 4 Dead 2 has been bolstered by its dedicated modding community, and here are some of the best modded campaigns.

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Left 4 Dead 2 is a zombie survival game that was developed by Valve. The game features seven different campaigns, including the campaigns from the original Left 4 Dead. Despite having fun campaigns & memorable characters, Left 4 Dead 2 is also known for the mods và custom campaigns fans have made. Some campaign creators go above and beyond, creating custom skins for the infected & escape vehicles.

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Some of the campaigns are simple, while others require the player to lớn solve sầu puzzles. New voice lines were recorded, adding khổng lồ the setting of the chiến dịch. By playing these custom campaigns, players are able lớn travel khổng lồ other areas that have sầu been affected by the Green Flu.

Updated September 15, 2021 by Erik Petrovich: The modding community behind Left 4 Dead 2 is one of the most prolific and creative communities out there. With the Steam Worksiêu thị available for the game, the modding scene took off, with hundreds (if not thousands) of maps available for players to download with one cliông xã. Some maps, though, aren't found on the workcửa hàng - especially those that require other games lớn be installed. Some of the most impressive Left 4 Dead 2 campaigns are simply Half-Life 2 maps ported lớn the zombie FPS. In fact, the first five chapters (& one chapter from Half-Life 2 Episode 1) are playable in the Left 4 Dead 2 setting - though there are some requirements necessary khổng lồ get them working properly.

10 A Variety Of Half-Life 2 Custom Levels


It's no secret that some of Valve's greakiểm tra hits all used the same engine - the Source engine - và many of the engine's assets merge seamlessly between games. The game Garry's Mod exemplified this by loading assets from installed Source games directly into the user spawn interface, but it goes a lot deeper than GMod.

Fans of Half-Life 2 & its two DLC episodes thusly ported over the level layouts for three separate areas into lớn the Left 4 Dead 2 creator. These fully-fledged maps feature sights, sounds, and even NPCs from the classic FPS merged with the gameplay that the Left 4 Dead series is known for.

It's worth noting that for most of these Half-Life 2 maps an additional texture gian lận must be installed.

Point Insertion

The Point Insertion màn chơi from Half-Life 2 is one of the most recognizable opening areas from early 2000's FPS games. It originally served as the place where Gordon Freeman enters City 17 through the train station and escapes the Combine to an apartment complex while constantly under the gaze of Dr. Breen on overhead monitors. The Left 4 Dead 2 version of this level was taken directly from Half-Life 2 & serves as a nostalgic (và terrifying) trek through one of the game's most iconic locations.

Red Letter Day

Red Letter Day is the cấp độ that immediately follows Point Insertion in Half-Life 2 and introduces the player to Alyx, Dr. Kleiner, Eli Vance, and of course Lamar. The cấp độ in Left 4 Dead 2 quickly whisks players through the secret lab area & inkhổng lồ the following hectic chase through the Route Kanal, just lượt thích in the original game. Instead of the Combine, though, players will have khổng lồ khuyễn mãi giảm giá with Left 4 Dead 2's variety of zombie archetypes.

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Route Kanal

Route Kanal is the cấp độ that immediately follows Red Letter Day, taking Gordon Freeman through canals & the urban landscape in a hectic sprint away from the Combine. The level appears in Left 4 Dead 2 almost unchanged, though there aren't any Barnacles to lớn trap và pull players lớn their death. Perhaps the Smoker serves as a decent (& much more dangerous) alternative.

Water Hazard

Water Hazard is the last of the five chapters from the original Half-Life 2 that were modded for functionality within Left 4 Dead 2, making a significant portion of the original story playable in this new setting. Water Hazard takes the player on a speedy hover boat-based journey through swampl& và urban marshes. Though the original level was a quiông chồng one in Half-Life 2, Water Hazard is the hardest of the five chapters available in Left 4 Dead 2.

City 17 (HL: E1)

The custom campaign of City 17 allows players to lớn fight through the familiar setting of Half-Life 2: Episode 1. The campaign starts at the train crash và ends when the player makes it to the train station, fighting through the underground và the hospital. While players might be used to lớn zombies in the Half-Life series, they most likely won't be used khổng lồ zombies who can leap from rooftops or throw concrete at them. The chiến dịch also caught the attention of Valve sầu, who featured it on their blog.


Suicide Blitz 2 was featured on the Left 4 Dead blog on June 17, 2011. The chiến dịch is quality, as it is full of Easter eggs, a custom tank model, and has the survivors travel through a đô thị to a football stadium, and there is a Half-Life 2 Easter egg which requires the player to lớn carry a gnome from the beginning of the campaign lớn the last chapter.

The escape has the player fight through three tanks on the way lớn the helicopter. Afterward, there is a flyover of the stadium, which is then bombed by military jets.


Helm's Deep is a survival maps that takes players lớn Helm's Deep from Lord of the Rings. The map was also featured by Valve on February đôi mươi, 2013. This custom campaign allows players lớn survive against the hordes of the undead with their friends in the iconic fortress that served at the kingdom of Rohan's last stvà against the forces of Saruman.

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Players are able to lớn fight the horde through a familiar setting, adding a bit of fun lớn the game, and it highlights the intrinsic fun of surviving a zombie onslaught with—or against—friends. It might feel anachronistic to lớn use guns in the fantasy setting of Helm's Deep, but if roleplaying is important khổng lồ you, you can always turn the difficulty down & go melee-only.


Warcelona takes players to lớn Barcelomãng cầu, Spain, where they can fight the infected in a br& new environment. According lớn the campaign's creator, every setting in the maps is based 100% on a setting in Barcelomãng cầu. The campaign also has a difficult finale, having players make their way through hordes of zombies khổng lồ a helicopter.

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The chiến dịch was featured by Valve sầu on November 9, 2012. The chiến dịch features zombies in soccer jerseys, making this campaign one of the few ones that have custom infected.

Urban Flight has players escape a burning city as they try khổng lồ make their way to lớn a military outpost. The finale has players finding eight gas cans so they can refuel a plane and escape. The finale also has a custom tank, which is seen in a military unikhung.

The chiến dịch feels similar lớn ones from the first Left 4 Dead, having players fight through a thành phố & refuel a plane for escape. The campaign does offer a new setting, making it worth playing.

Deathcraft II brings the world of Left 4 Dead lớn Minecraft. The custom campaign has the players look blocky while fighting the zombies from Minecraft, và it definitely puts a nice spin on both games. While it's not technically a Left 4 Dead 2 based chiến dịch, it's nonetheless worth playing for any Left 4 Dead tín đồ.

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There is also an Easter egg where, if the player brings a pumpkin from chapter one to lớn chapter two, they can get an Eye of Ender. Bringing this lớn a portal in chapter three will allow the players khổng lồ fight the Ender dragon, being rewarded with đá quí swords.

The chiến dịch I Hate Mountains 2 brings the original survivors to Canada, letting players play in a new setting. The chiến dịch teases players in the second chapter, having them hold out for a rescue vehicle. When the helicopter flies in, it crashes, và the survivors have sầu to lớn find a new method of escape.

The true finale has players defkết thúc themselves at docks while they wait for a ship. When the ship pulls in, the players are able khổng lồ pile on & escape for real.

Day Break has players fight the infected hordes in San Francisteo. The maps include downtown San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge, a cruise ship, & the finale takes place on Alcatraz. The players must find 13 gas cans so they can refuel a helicopter in order to lớn escape.

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There is also an Easter egg where players can find a bar full of gnomes. On the table are pills, which prompt the player lớn eat them, causing their vision to start changing colors. By putting in the code, players are able khổng lồ get a flamethrower. There are Easter eggs on each map, with that one accessible in the mod's first chapter.

Death Aboard 2 starts the survivors out in a prison where they must fight the infected to lớn escape. The players then fight their way through a town, docks, across a ship, và then they make it to lớn an island. On the islvà, the survivors must fight lớn the top of a lighthouse to lớn escape.

The escape vehicle is quality, as it is a hot air balloon (something that's not seen in any of the classic Left 4 Dead 2 campaigns). After all of the survivors make it aboard, they slowly float away to lớn safety.

The chiến dịch starts with the survivors as they just crashed their car. Players play as the Left 4 Dead survivors as they make their way lớn a school. The survivors fight through the woods, a train station, và a town before they make it khổng lồ the school.

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The finale takes place on the school's football field, where the survivors must collect gas cans to escape. There are two endings: one where the players escape in a helicopter, và one where they escape on a bus. During the latter finale, a nuke goes off and destroys the town.