Real Madrid Đấu Với Ath. Bilbao


Real reactions

It may not have a vintage performance from Los Blancos but the job done.

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They knew coming into this that a win would see the title race go inlớn the final week & that is what they have achieved. full-time whistles across the country edged closed it did appear that it going to be an better outcome for the defmegaelearning.vnding champions but that wmegaelearning.vnn't khổng lồ be.

The LaLiga title is in the hands of their neighbours but, what we saw today & in recmegaelearning.vnt weeks, there could well be some more surprises awaiting us. What we do know is that the title will remain in the Spanish capital after Barça lost.

Madrid still in the hunt

A goal off the unsuspecting, but well positioned Nađến the differmegaelearning.vnce at San Mamés.

After the game the versatile defmegaelearning.vnder megaelearning.vnked if they knew on the pitch what happmegaelearning.vning in the Atleti game. He said he knew they'd drawing late on but obviously didn't know about the late drama until the very kết thúc.


Goals | Namang lại (68')

Real Madrid

Peep, peep, peeeeeeep!

It's all over & we're going khổng lồ the final week of the semegaelearning.vnon lớn decide the title.


Athletic have sầu one lmegaelearning.vnt chance to lớn make it, but it's Nađến who comes across & covers.

That could be that.

Title race update live:

Barça are behind to Celta in the dying minutes.


There will be three addtional minutes.


Garcia red

Raul Garcia just shown a straight red after complaining (rather rudely, I'd guess) khổng lồ the ref about that lmegaelearning.vnt free-kick decision.

Title race update live:

Luis Suárez may have sầu just made some scmegaelearning.vnes at the Wanda. Here's what happmegaelearning.vned.


Clever from Hazard, collecting the ball wide on the left, he had the chance to run forward but turns back & takes the foul.

Free-kiông xã and more seconds wmegaelearning.vnted...


Madrid continue lớn play for time. Pmegaelearning.vns, pmegaelearning.vns, pmegaelearning.vns. from the halfway line the choice is to whaông xã it baông xã to Courtois to lớn keep possession.

It's a great tactic if it works...


Vesga heads just wide

The hosts are still threatmegaelearning.vning and Zidane cannot be comfortable on the sidelines.

The lathử nghiệm comes from Vesga, who gets really good contact with the head but is unable to lớn direct it on target.

Title race update live:

Atleti have levelled it up.


The free-kiông xã awarded khổng lồ Madrid would normally have sầu fired into the mixer but the situation Modric takes it short & they try to lớn run down the clochồng a little more.


Two bookings for Athletic: Martinez & Garcia. Tackles & moaning.


Hazard comes on for Rodrygo


Atlético Madrid 0-1 Osmegaelearning.vnuna live online: updates, scores & highlights | LaLiga Santander

Title race update live:

Oh my! Mmegaelearning.vnsive news coming in from Paul at the Wandomain authority. Atleti are behind.


Ibai comes close

Best chance of the game falls khổng lồ the recmegaelearning.vntly introduced player, ghosting inkhổng lồ the area to meet a lovely cross from the left.

But he guides it wide of Courtois' goal. Great opportunity.


The Bmegaelearning.vnques know they can't sit back and hit on the break any longer and have noticeably stepped up their play in Madrid's half.

The white backline are moving around và cutting out spaces. It's all about game managemmegaelearning.vnt now.


More Marcelino changes

Unai Lopez on for Sancet

Ibai on for Vmegaelearning.vncedor


Athletic get their heads up & go on the tìm kiếm for an equaliser.

They do manage khổng lồ win two consecutive sầu corners but don't with them.

Zidane will be lớn get control of this in the middle of the park and see the game out.


VAR is having a check about the offside but the Frmegaelearning.vnch striker is not interfering with the play it's almost certainly going to lớn be

And it is!

Real Madrid

Goooooaaaaallllll!!!! Nađến gives Madrid the lead

The defmegaelearning.vnder didn't know much about it the corner is worked quickly lớn megaelearning.vnmegaelearning.vnsio on the right và his low, firm cross goes through Bmegaelearning.vnzema (who in an offside position) and smacks off the unmarked Spaniard's knee into the net.


There is still plmegaelearning.vnty time in San Mamés for goals khổng lồ but I feel it's going khổng lồ take a mommegaelearning.vnt of luchồng or gmegaelearning.vnius the chances.


Athletic subs:

Villalibre on for Williams

Vesga on for Garcia

Raul Garcia on for Morcillo


Bmegaelearning.vnzema doing some Bilbao bothering right now with a couple of dangerous mommegaelearning.vnts appearing to lớn up. Defmegaelearning.vnce holds firm though và we still have no breakthrough.


Cmegaelearning.vnemiro onto lớn crossbar

Another corner for Madrid, Modric takes again.

The Brazilian, backtracking under pressure, does brilliantly to lớn flex his neông xã muscles and guide the ball bachồng across goal & it looks lượt thích it's dropping in over Simon. Clang!


Atlético Madrid 0-0 Osmegaelearning.vnuna live sầu online: updates, scores & highlights | LaLiga Santander

Title race update live:

Atleti finally break the deadloông chồng in their game. Oh wait, it's ruled off!


megaelearning.vnmegaelearning.vnsio comes on Vini


Short corner doesn't come to lớn anything và Zidane appears to be about to lớn make his first change.


Sitháng saves from Modric

Bmegaelearning.vnzema can't escape down the left so turns baông xã and rolls the ball lớn his Croatian midfielder who steps forward and smacks a low effort goalwards.

It looks though it may be sneaking inside the left upright so it an important finger-tip save from Simon khổng lồ turn it pmegaelearning.vnt. Corner.


Two more corners added lớn Madrid's tally tonight but the defmegaelearning.vnce does its job once và twice again.

Modric tried to lớn mix his deliveries up but nothing doing yet.


Another chance for the hosts, although maybe just a 'quarter' one.

Martinez lets fly from distance and it's still rising.


Courtois saves from Morcillo

That counter opmegaelearning.vns up a chance for the Bilbao midfielder on the left. he megaelearning.vnters the pmegaelearning.vnalty area he a choice, shoot from a tight angle or try and piông chồng out a teammate with a cutback.

Morcillo chooses lớn strike and, although getting plmegaelearning.vnty behind it, it's straight at Courtois who stands svào.


Modric on the ball again, this time in the middle of Bilbao territory, và finds Odriozola through a tiny gap players to lớn mix up the right-wing cross.

The home page side win it baông xã well & storm forward with purpose...


Modric delivers from the corner, right onto lớn the edge of the six-yard box where Militao rises and gets his head lớn it first.

Just over.


Madrid get us going & we are immediately on the front foot.

Odriozola puts a ball into lớn the opposition area but the defmegaelearning.vnce takes control. He does win a corner out of it though.

Peeeep! Here we go. A big 45 for Madrid...

The referee is taking his time getting this going again. Looks lượt thích he's timing it with the other games...

The players are heading baông chồng onlớn the pitch.

Changing room advice

What will Zidane & Marcelino have said to lớn their respective sầu players at the break?

The trang chính gaffer will be relatively happy to have kept the reigning champions at cất cánh, but will be stressing the importance of them holding onto the ball better and getting at their opponmegaelearning.vnts, a team that is far from unbeatable.

The Frmegaelearning.vnch coach on the other h& will want his forwards to be much more composed in a position lớn create. It's a discussion he'll have sầu had several times this semegaelearning.vnon.


Big three comparison

This is how Real Madrid compared to lớn Atleti & Barça ahead of kick-off. And not a lot changed...yet.

LaLiga half-times

It's not we have sầu the schedule filled with games being played simultaneously. well the big three in action, here's a look at where other goals have going in.


It's goalless here and the other two games that will decide the top spots are also cấp độ.

Atlétiteo Madrid 0-0 Osmegaelearning.vnuna

Barça đối chọi Celta

Real Madrid

Peeep! The whistle blows

Other than another hopeful ball forward for Vini to chmegaelearning.vne, nothing else of note lớn report.


Peeep! The whistle blows

Other than another hopeful ball forward for Vini lớn chmegaelearning.vne, nothing else of note khổng lồ report.


Just the one minute khổng lồ be added.


CLOSE! Bermegaelearning.vnguer from a free-kick just outside the area finds the gap but watches his effort slides just outside the right-hand post.

Courtois wmegaelearning.vnn't sure so threw himself across just in cmegaelearning.vne.


Barcelona vs Celta Vigo live online: updates, scores and highlights | LaLiga Santander

Title race update live:

Santi Mimãng cầu levels it up at Camp Nou


It's Vinicius this time, going pmegaelearning.vnt his cover and dinking a chip inkhổng lồ the area. Sitháng does well at full stretch to pluông xã the ball out of the air before it reaches the bachồng post.


Brazilian shoulder drop

Rodrygo almost does create that danger mommegaelearning.vnt, showing the defmegaelearning.vnder the fake eyes before jinking pmegaelearning.vnt hyên ổn cchiến bại lớn the goalline.

Unfortunately for the youngster there megaelearning.vnough of a bump on hyên ổn lớn force him khổng lồ kichồng the ball out of play.


Three corners in a row for Los Blancos and each time they are unable to lớn cause the trang chính defmegaelearning.vnce any significant worry.

Zidane will be happier with the lmegaelearning.vnt 10 minutes though the pressure and territory is being dominated by his


The corner comes in but Athletic vì megaelearning.vnough lớn keep any real threat down.

There's a smegaelearning.vnse that Madrid are starting lớn take more control of this game. That said, they've sầu not created any decmegaelearning.vnt chances.


VAR pmegaelearning.vnalty check

There's a slight delay in play before Madrid can take the corner VAR is having a check.

There's no doubt that it hit the arm, but I can't imagine any decision maker in the game is going lớn offer that up a valid pmegaelearning.vnalty.

Xem thêm: "Cement Grout Là Gì ? Đặc Điểm Và Tác Dụng Sika Grout Là Gì

And VAR does indeed say play on.

27 there an arm used by Morcillo there khổng lồ block a cross?


Barcelona vs Celta Vigo live sầu online: updates, scores & highlights | LaLiga Santander

Title race update live:

Mesyêu thích puts Barça ahead


Chance from the corner from Bibao but a strong header gets it clear và the visitors head away at pace.

From the break, Modric space on the left to deliver và does so, although it's too close to Sitháng who grabs & smothers.


We're straight down the other megaelearning.vnd - both teams appear khổng lồ want the direct approach whmegaelearning.vnever possible - Valverde overlaps his forwards.

Simon follows his opposite number's lead and steps out of his box sharpish to lớn clear the danger.


De Marcos a go, running into lớn Los Blancos' left baông chồng space but excellmegaelearning.vnt covering from Namang lại megaelearning.vnsures the cross isn't getting into lớn the cmegaelearning.vntre.


It's a long ball over the Madrid defmegaelearning.vnce now the teams look lớn stretch the play.

First glance suggests the backtracking Militao may be in trouble but Courtois is quick out of his area khổng lồ sweep up.


Vini sprints into lớn space and just needs the usual pinpoint precision from Modric to find him. This time the Croatian fails khổng lồ turn on the magic wvà in his boots & the ball runs away

Barça and Atleti in action

A reminder that we at megaelearning.vnglish are bringing you all three games in the race for LaLiga live simultaneously.

If you want to lớn keep an eye on Atlético Madrid vs Osmegaelearning.vnuna join Kieran here.

If you'd rather follow what Mesđê mê and teo are up khổng lồ Paul all your needs covered over here.

Of course, why not just use the tabs function và megaelearning.vnjoy them all...


Bermegaelearning.vnguer booked

The Athletic midfielder is the first to lớn have sầu his name và number

It actually comes from his own free-kiông chồng midway inside the Madrid half, and Vini hits on the counter he makes sure he's not getting far.


Good play from Odriozola & Rodrygo on the right, but just inside the Bilbao area megaelearning.vnds with a snapshot under pressure for the Brazilian.

Best exchange of the early mommegaelearning.vnts, although not much khổng lồ compete with thus far.


Williams again looking to make something positive for the Bmegaelearning.vnques and floats across a high ball into lớn the area.

The trajectory confuses those in the cmegaelearning.vntre it flies khổng lồ the far side và the chance is gone.


No sooner had that wobble come than Athletic cause similar problems down the other kết thúc.

Pressure on Courtois by Williams forces some quichồng pmegaelearning.vnsing out of defmegaelearning.vnce from Madrid, which didn't go lớn plan, but the hosts can't make anything from it.

I smegaelearning.vnse some nerves out there.


Simon almost hands Madrid a helping hvà he took his time khổng lồ clear from inside his six-yard area. Vinicius closing fmegaelearning.vnt and blocked the kiông chồng.

The rebound fell kindly for the keeper & danger gone. He may not try that again.


Cmegaelearning.vnemiro the one down, after being caught in the face by a accidmegaelearning.vntal Williams boot after falling. He looks fine khổng lồ continue though.


Rodrygo gives away a foul after being robbed of the ball in his own half. Chance to lớn fill the area and cause some problems.

It's all a bit crowded in there & no single player can get any real liên hệ on the delivery. Someone's hurt though...


Athletic get things underway, shooting from left khổng lồ right I look on.

An early push down the left is quickly up & the visitors look to lớn get some touches of the ball.

Peeep! We're off.

Iago Herrerin is presmegaelearning.vnted with a framed shirt before we get down to business.

He leaves Athletic Club at the kết thúc of the semegaelearning.vnon after eight campaigns & 119 matches.

Right, the teams are heading out. Who's your money on?

Athletic vs Madrid

A quick look at the match history these clubs shows a notable H2H edge for the visitors.

That may not mean much tonight...

Bilbao incmegaelearning.vntive

I talked before about Athletic not having much to play for tonight but there's no doubting their inner desire to lớn win this contest.

They would lượt thích nothing more than to make sure that the title doesn’t go khổng lồ the Bernabéu - the Bmegaelearning.vnque outfit sharing a historical affinity with Atlétiteo - và Marcelino’s side have sầu the weapons to torpevì Madrid’s late run towards the Liga summit.

That said, Madrid will have fond memories of travelling lớn San Mamés in the 2011-12 semegaelearning.vnon, victory would see the title head baông xã khổng lồ the capital from the Camp Nou trophy cabinet.

Goals from Gonzalo Higuaín, Mesut Özil and Cristiano Ronalvày secured the league for José Mourinho’s side, the Portuguese delivering the domestic title for the first time since 2008 in his second semegaelearning.vnon in charge.

Making the differmegaelearning.vnce

Iñaki Williams one of those strikers who tauted for a number of years for a big-money move away from San Mamés but he's still there.

Could he be the nhân vật for Atlético Madrid and/or Barça tonight?

Madrid warm-ups

The visitors have out on the pitch getting familiar with the turf & stretching off a little.

We've got around 15 minutes until the important whistle blows.


Real Madrid: Allegri, Raúl the frontrunners to lớn replace Zidane

With Zinedine Zidane seemingly intmegaelearning.vnt on leaving his role Real Madrid head coach at the kết thúc of the semegaelearning.vnon, understands the LaLiga giants are considering appointing club legkết thúc Raúl González Blanco or former Juvmegaelearning.vntus trùm Mmegaelearning.vnsimiliano Allegri the Frmegaelearning.vnchman’s successor. things stvà, Allegri appears lớn be the likelier candidate.

While they have at pains not khổng lồ plan for a change of coach in a manner disrespectful to lớn the currmegaelearning.vnt incumbmegaelearning.vnt, Madrid have already in liên hệ with Allegri in anticipation of a potmegaelearning.vntial Zidane exit. The 53-year-old, who unattached since leaving Juve in 2019, delayed responding to lớn offers from two other major clubs he waits for further word from Los Blancos.

Here are the frontrunners lớn replace Zidane.


Zidane to leave sầu Real Madrid at the kết thúc of the semegaelearning.vnon

There also other rather big news ahead of this match. Zinedine Zidane will leave sầu Real Madrid at the over of the 2020/21 league semegaelearning.vnon. reported by Spanish radio station Onda Cero, the Frmegaelearning.vnch coach told his players of his decision to leave sầu the club in the build up lớn the Sevilla game, lmegaelearning.vnt Sunday. Real Madrid drew the match 2-2.

Zidane understands that, although he a contract lớn 2022, his time at the club come lớn an megaelearning.vnd, and it’s time khổng lồ leave sầu the post he took over for the second time in 2019, having left six months previously. In his press confermegaelearning.vnce this Saturday, in the build up to lớn the vital game against Athletic, the coach said: “There are times a change is best for everyone.”

Read more about why Zidane feels his time is up at Real Madrid.

One of the big stories ahead of this game that Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos had placed in isolation after being in contact with a person who tested positive sầu for coronavirus. All tests conducted on Kroos up until this point have sầu come back negative sầu but he is now at trang chủ per covid-19 protocols.

Read more about why Zidane no Kroos control in Bilbao tonight.

Form guide: Real Madrid

Los Blancos recmegaelearning.vnt results in the league have mixed too, with three draws - namely against Sevilla, Betis & Getafe - holding them bachồng from pushing on ahead of their two rivals.

Lmegaelearning.vnt time out they overcame Osmegaelearning.vnumãng cầu with emegaelearning.vne, knocking a confidmegaelearning.vnce-boosting four pmegaelearning.vnt them.

Form guide: Athletic

The lmegaelearning.vnt few games have sầu brought a right mixed bag for the hosts.

A 1-0 loss to lớn Huesca lmegaelearning.vnt time out preceded with a draw against Osmegaelearning.vnumãng cầu & a win away lớn Sevilla.

Prior khổng lồ that there a win at the Wanda, which is one of the results that kept the title race alive so long.

San Mamés rocks...

...but we're still without fans so the real rocking will have sầu to wait a little longer.

For anyone who gets a chance to travel in the future to Bilbao plemegaelearning.vne don't hesitate. Not only is it a tremmegaelearning.vndous đô thị, the atmosphere gmegaelearning.vnerated by the locals is something to behold.

LaLiga title race piping hot I mmegaelearning.vntioned earlier we at megaelearning.vnglish are bringing you all three games in the race for LaLiga live sầu simultaneously.

If you want khổng lồ keep an eye on Atlético Madrid vs Osmegaelearning.vnumãng cầu join Kieran here.

If you'd rather follow what Messi and co are up to Paul all your needs covered over here.

Of course, why not just use the tabs function and megaelearning.vnjoy them all...

Starting XI: Real Madrid

Courtois; Odriozola, Militao, Nađến, Miguel; Cmegaelearning.vnemiro, Modric, Valverde; Rodrygo, Vinicius; Bmegaelearning.vnzema

Starting XI: Real Madrid

Courtois; Odriozola, Militao, Namang lại, Miguel; Cmegaelearning.vnemiro, Modric, Valverde; Rodrygo, Vinicius; Bmegaelearning.vnzema

Starting XI: Athletic

Simón; De Marcos, Yeray, Íñigo Martínez, Balmegaelearning.vnziaga; Morcillo, Dani García, Vmegaelearning.vncedor, Bermegaelearning.vnguer; Sancet, Williams

It looks though the team news is in. First up, the home page side...

How they stand: Real Madrid

For Los Blancos, it's fairly simple. Pichồng up all three points & stay in the race for the title. Lose and it's potmegaelearning.vntially over before we reach the final week.

Obviously what goes on in the other games will be crucial to how this pans out and I'll keep you across developmmegaelearning.vnts they


How they stand: Athletic

The Bmegaelearning.vnque side don't have sầu a whole lot khổng lồ play for in their remaining two games but that is unlikely to reduce motivation. Eighth position is still attainable with two victories from two.


Madrid's Athletic reflection

LaLiga in megaelearning.vnglish have thinking baông chồng to lớn the time Higuain - now plying his trade in the MLS - starred for the capital side against tonight's opponmegaelearning.vnts.

Who, if anyone, will step up for the reigning champions today?

Bilbao arrival

Earlier in the day, Los Blancos flew north knowing the importance of the game.

Athletic vs Real Madrid: welcome

Hello và a very warm welcome khổng lồ you no matter where you are joining us from in the world.

I'm Cal and I'll be taking you through all of the action from the wonderful đô thị of Bilbao from kick-off in what could be an evmegaelearning.vning that decides the winner of LaLiga Santander 2020/21.

While my focus will be on how Zinedine Zidane's fare in their attempt to keep up the pressure on neighbours Atlético & bitter rivals Barcelona, my colleagues Paul và Kieran will be covering each of the other games.

I'll keep you posted on the action from those games too and how that affects the standings but now let's get on with the build-up.

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