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We all have an inner desire to lớn maintain collections. It just feels so… satisfying. It is perhaps because of this primal desire that ‘collectible’ games have always been so popular among gamers and since the evolution of the digital mobile gaming platforms, it has never had to lớn looked back. Games lượt thích Summoners War became incredibly popular in the thiết bị di động gaming genre allowing players khổng lồ collect a range of heroes và loads of game developers released games in an attempt to lớn satisfy this desire, some reaching massive popularity và some less. Here’s the các mục of games similar khổng lồ Summoners War that are our recommendations. You can play these games like Summoner’s War for ps4, mac, Xbox One, Xbox 360, android, iphone and even online.

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15. Brave Frontier (2013)


Brave Frontier is a game developed và published by A-Lim, a Japanese game development company. The game allows players to collect and control monsters that engage in combat with each other & are able to cấp độ up or evolve depending on the situation. Players need to complete every single stage in any given area in order khổng lồ progress towards the next one. Each battle consists of 5 monsters & one ‘friend’ unit that help out during the course of battle. You can add friends in game through the friend request option & you can add recent players you battled with to your friendliest. The game was released lớn medium nhận xét and has received some flak from the community due lớn its dependence on micro-transactions.

14. Dragonsoul (2011)


Dragonsoul is a rope playing game developed by Fantasy Legend Studios for mobile devices phối in a fantasy world inhabited by dragons and magical monsters. Your friends have been stolen by a legendary dragon and it is up to you khổng lồ rescue them by slaying the beast but the job is easier said than done. You must recruit and train heroes for the job và they will help you fight the monsters that dwell in this land while collecting loot. The game also has an extensive multiplayer mode that allows player vs player battles so you’d never run out of fights. Guilds are also present & are your central hub for communicating with your team members or discussing issues within the game or quest. Dragonsoul is a fun little RPG that you can try out if you liked Summoner’s War but bởi vì not invest too much into the trò chơi as we have confirmation that the official servers will be shut down later this year.

13. Duelyst (2016)


Duelyst is a mash up of a DCCG (digital collectible card game) and a table đứng top board trò chơi that draws influences from games like Summoner’s War và Hearthstone. The game allows players to duel against each other by placing monsters on the battlefield & then powering them up or moving them by playing cards from their hands. The deck of cards allows the player to lớn play spells và additional minions with the aim of defeating the opponent’s general. Duelyst is one trò chơi we highly recommend to fans of digital CCGs và we urge players of Summoner’s War to lớn at least give this trò chơi a try. The trò chơi takes everything that’s good about digital CCGs & slaps on a whole new game on đứng đầu of it.

12. Blustone 2 (2018)


If you lượt thích casual clickers in the style of visual RPGs, then Blustone 2 is the trò chơi for you. The trò chơi is a massive update on the original one and provides the player with excellent anime styled graphics & voice acting. The game has been developed và published by VisualShower for android & iOS devices & has been praised for its simple chơi game mechanics. Idle clickers rarely get so addictive and hence Blustone 2 finds its way on to lớn this list.

11. The Ouroboros Project (2018)


The Ouroboros Project is a trò chơi that we have been keeping our eyes on for quite some time now. Developed by Madhouse Limited, the game has some of the best anime-styled graphics that is sure to lớn lure you in at first glance. The game is phối in a world that is threatened by zombies & the council of humans has created AI robots that resemble mythic heroes in order lớn curb the mess. These robots are known as harbingers & the people controlling them are known as connectors. You take up the role of a talented connector và you must lead these mechs lớn the areas that are most affected.

10.Star Summoners (2018)


Star Summoners is a game that borrows most of its chơi game mechanics from Summoner’s War. Developed by LongMing HK, the trò chơi has managed to draw in a lot of fans from the Summoner’s War game due to the striking similarities and the perks provided to lớn the new player upon opening a new account. The game requires you lớn collect & develop heroes và then power them up through the use of gems. It is mostly multiplayer but does contain a few single player modes as well. The trò chơi is free to play on both iOS và android, so feel free to kiểm tra it out if you are looking for something similar to SW.

9. Knights Chronicle (2018)


Kinghts Chronicle is another game that plays similar to Summoner’s War. Developed by Netmarble, the trò chơi provides players with collectible heroes và outfits. The player needs to gather heroes which they can then deploy during battle against other players. Players of SW will find themselves right at trang chủ with this one. However, we don’t recommend investing heavily in such clones due khổng lồ the unreliability and longevity of the titles. The game does provide some good visual upgrades for the heroes, something that the games in this danh mục is lacking.

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8. Soul Ark: Brave and Fate (2018)


Soul Ark: Brave and Fate calls itself a collectible role playing game that allows its players to lớn collect heroes in an alternate universe and use them in war against other players. The story has been written by Lee Myoung-Jin, the same name behind the novel ‘Ragnarok’, so you can expect a fair bit of storyline in this one. Community aspects of the game have been highlighted by the developers & they have stated that communication between the various players is necessary for completing various in-game events. The trò chơi has been developed by Bluestone Soft và was released in the year 2018 in the US. The game was released in South East Asia a few months earlier; however, the trò chơi at that point felt unpolished.

7. Marvel Strike Force (2018)

Marvel Strike Force allows players khổng lồ collect well-known characters from the Marvel Universe & then compete with other players online. You are given a basic phối of characters from the start and you can collect additional ones with shards, the in game currency. These shards can be won from battles and are also used khổng lồ upgrade & promote your characters. Battles take place in a turn based format where each player brings a team of 5 characters each và the character with the fastest speed gets lớn attack first. The players need to lớn put in a considerable amount of time in picking their team as certain characters when put in a team together gives a boost to lớn the team. The game was developed and published by FoxNext for smartphone gaming devices in the year 2018.

6.King’s Raid (2017)


King’s Raid takes a fresh spin on the ‘collectible heroes’ genre of games, where you need to collect heroes while on a side scrolling adventure. The trò chơi was developed by Vespa và published by GloHow, the former publishing front for the company and was quite well received by both gamers & critiques. King’s Raid is a trò chơi that allows players khổng lồ collect other heroes & characters but surprisingly does not contain the gacha mechanic, a feature that is common among games in this genre. There are several collectible heroes in the trò chơi each belonging lớn a class (7 in total) & having grades that can be improved. The trò chơi was released in 2017 for the android & the ios devices.

5. Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius (2018)


Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius is a spinoff title of the Final Fantasy series developed by Alim & published by Square Enix for the iOS, Android và Amazon Fire devices. The game was released in the year năm 2016 and was a major profit counter for Square for that year & according to lớn some estimates the ứng dụng managed khổng lồ earn about 13 million dollars in April of 2018 alone. Any release related to the Final Fantasy series is bound to be a good title and Brave Exvius is not different. You are able lớn collect various characters from the epic gaming series và then make a team in order to fight and progress through the various stages in game. The player needs to lớn defeat a quái thú character at the kết thúc of every level, which then provides the player with valuable loot. In addition, the game also contains exploration stages where the player needs to lớn explore towns and cities in classic RPG format, controlling their characters through cảm ứng based commands. If you are a fan of the Final Fantasy series, we highly recommend you check out this game.

4. Lionheart: Dark Moon RPG (2017)


Lionheart: Dark Moon RPG is a role-playing trò chơi developed by Cheetah và published for Android và iOS devices. The trò chơi allows players to lớn collect over 150 different heroes and then fight battles in order khổng lồ traverse dungeons. The trò chơi has an arena mode as well where you can draft your own heroes & then fight against other players online. You can also join a guild that will allow you to choose a titan God and then power nguồn up that titan together with your guildies. The trò chơi also allows players khổng lồ assign pets khổng lồ their heroes, a dễ thương little additional mechanic. Lionheart: Dark Moon RPG is a game that you might want to kiểm tra out if you like playing games similar to lớn Summoner’s War.

3. Onmyoji (2018)

Onmyoji is an award-winning RPG trò chơi developed and published by Netease Games in the year 2018 for the android, iOS & Windows systems. The game contains some of the best visual arts and voice acting for the characters, making the trò chơi one of the most beautiful experiences on điện thoại gaming devices. The player is able to collect anime-styled heroes and then use them in fights in a pretty accurate depiction of Kyoto in the Heian period. Various legendary characters from Japanese folklore find their way into this game và we had a great time collecting each one of them. Also, the characters have additional abilities that allow for more diversified games. The trò chơi allows the players lớn take the place of Abe no Seimei, a former onmyoji. We highly recommend this game to anyone looking for an immersive experience on di động devices.

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2. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes (2015)


Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes lets fans of the Star Wars legacy lớn collect characters from the Star Wars universe and if you think that this sentence consists too much of Star Wars in it; then yes, we cannot get enough of ‘Star Wars’. Galaxy of Heroes lets you collect & build a collection out of your favorite Star Wars characters và then using them to fight against other players. The game contains several trò chơi modes where you can participate in PvP battles & win shards which allow you khổng lồ unlock additional characters. Developed & published by EA, the trò chơi has been a massive hit among fans of the universe.

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1. Seven Knights (2015)

Seven Knights takes place in Asgar, a land ravaged by the god of war himself, & is in dire need of heroes lớn defend itself. The game is an epic RPG developed by Netmarble và has been massively popular among fans of the ‘collectible heroes’ genre of gaming. It has also generated a lot of positive nhận xét from critics due lớn its accessibility lớn new players. It is possible for one khổng lồ grind và receive the best heroes present in the game since its very reward friendly. It doesn’t matter whether you are a new player or a retuning one, this trò chơi will be up lớn speed within no time.