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The stability of salaried railway workers" marriages seems to have sầu been linked lớn their steady paychecks.
Previously, employers paid the pension payroll tax, and it was not reported on wage earner"s paychecks.
As this suggests, wage earners who brought home page steady paychecks were often seen as good mates because they could be good providers.
At t=0, the agent starts work và saves a constant fraction, s, of his pre-tax paycheck, w(t), in a retirement savings account.
Those who did not were punished by the deduction of a "celibacy tax" from their paychecks, and women of childbearing age were forced lớn undergo gynecological exams in their workplaces.
This is a very old and traditional role for archaeology; the new boss is the same as the old boss, only the names signing the paychecks have changed.
Increasingly, social life became focused on the urban areas, where steady paychecks made some railway workers bigger men than they would have sầu been baông xã at home.
For good or ill, paycheck protection would only heighten the contradictions between the pluralistic assumptions that inkhung the postwar chiến dịch finance system and the emerging realities of power.
This extreme case of subsidizing funded all college expenses for football players, plus paychecks khổng lồ top performers.
Even though they have sầu the money lớn pay the employees" paychecks, money still goes missing, but they have sầu worse problems.
The lessons cost thirteen dollars per week at a time that she had a thirty-eight dollar per week paycheck.

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said when you recognize that you should not risk losing something you already have by trying khổng lồ get something you think might be better

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