Related words & phrases: advance, augment, better, correct, cultivate, develop, elevate, enhance, help, hone, improve sầu, increase, lift, make strides, polish, progress, purify, raise, rectify, recuperate, refine, resize, rise, set right, shape up, sharpen, straighten out, take off, touch up, update, nâng cấp

Idiom Scenario 1

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Two students are talking ...Quý khách hàng vẫn xem: Make it count là gì

Student 1: I can"t believe sầu it. I actually got an interview at that prestigious college I applied to lớn.

Student 2: That"s great news. I suppose that youhad better be very prepared. You will only have sầu one chance lớn make a good first impression.

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Student 1: You can be sure that I am going to make this interview count.

Idiom Scenario 2

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Two friends are at a carnival midway ...

Frikết thúc 1: I"ve sầu won my way up lớn the big prize. All I need to lớn vì chưng is knock down the ducks one more time & I"ll win the giant stuffed animal. I"ve sầu got five sầu shots to lớn make. Friover 2: Then you had better make them count.

lớn make something count - Usage:


Usage Frequency Index: 1,653

to make something count - Gerund Form:

Making your interview questions count is a good way khổng lồ make a good impression.

to lớn make something count - Examples:

1) The 40 minutes I get khổng lồ work out, I have sầu to lớn make it count. I"ve kind of changed how I work out.

2) it was our one opportunity, và we had khổng lồ make it count.

3) Don"t waste that outpouring of emotion -- make it count as much as possible.

4) I"ll spell them out. You have sầu one shot. One. Make it count.

5) This is your first impression & you want to lớn make it count.

6) I got a few licks on hyên ổn. I"ll make them count this time.

9) I must make them count. I must say what I mean.

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10) Pick your battles, và make them count.

11) The Raptors need to lớn start making it count at the ACC before things get really out of hvà.

12) David Coulthard, on his final race before his retirement, was making it count, as he had battled his way khổng lồ 12th.

13) But credit to lớn the All Blacks for sticking in & making it count in the last 5.

14) Paul Lambert will be hoping this is the match that his star player makes it count.

15) She"s the slowest here, but she really makes it count.

16) Cooper has been a more controlled player, limiting his touches but making them count.

17) Alonso made it count. His lonely third was largely achieved by a great start.

18) That"s City"s first real chance và they should have made it count.

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20) Notre Dame themselves only had a pair of shots on goal, but they made them count in the end, ensuring the upset over the ACC side.