'God Of War 3' Gets Glorious 8K Remaster

Despite launching on the PS3 more than a decade ago, God of War 3 remains a high point in the venerable series. The last of the Greece-era games before the series was switched khổng lồ Norse mythology for PS4's God of War, the third entry was remastered for PlayStation 4 but has never been officially ported khổng lồ PC.

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However, using a PlayStation emulator, a modder has transformed the 2010 game by adding major visual upgrades. Giulio Guglielngươi, who's known as Massihancer, has made some tweaks in a mod that works with the PlayStation 3 emulator RPCS3 lớn dramatically increase the resolution of God of War 3.

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With his gian lận, God of War 3 on PC, via the emulator, can now run a more stable 8K (7680x4320) & with ray-tracing. Massihancer is using a top-of-the-line Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 graphics thẻ lớn achieve this, và with the right hardware the hack makes the 12-year-old game appear in a brand-new light.

Quite literally, in some senses. As there is a dedicated ReShade premix & a global illumination shader. Even with those settings và ray-tracing turned off, the game's visuals still holds up well. In terms of lighting & environmental expansiveness, Sony's Santa Monica Studio did impressive sầu work on the once-PS3 exclusive sầu.

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But in the above sầu YouTube đoạn Clip that shows comparisons - when the settings have been maxed, with 8K and global illumination & ray-traced reflections turned on, the realism of the levels, the way fire, lamps và sky-light bounces off textures are significantly improved. You will need a monitor able to lớn display the resolutions, of course, but in 8K I'm sure the crispiness of the game's crushing combat takes on a whole new, meatier màn chơi of detail.

It's pretty good work considering it's all being run through a PS3 emulator. Massihancer has a Patreon should those suitably impressed want to tư vấn & get more details. It's always fun to lớn see such care over old games & the Italian modder has previous in creating such work.

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Meanwhile, the recent God of War PC port is already getting mods, some of which are aimed at improving visuals. Further down the line, perhaps we can expect the PS4 game looking greatly transformed on PC considering how skilled some of these mods can be in maximising the look of a game, as we've sầu seen for Skyrim và GTA 5.

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