few & far between

Rare or seldom-seen. Warm days have been few and far between this winter. Good luông chồng finding a nice house in that neighborhood—they”re few và far between.See also: và, between, far, few

few và far between

very few; few and widely scattered. Get some gasoline now. Service stations on this highway are few and far between. Some people think that good movies are few & far between.See also: and, between, far, few

few & far between

At wide intervals, scarce, as in Supporters of the amendment are few và far between. This expression originally was used very literally for physical objects such as houses appearing at widely separated intervals. Today it is also used more loosely. See also: và, between, far, few

few & far between

scarce or infrequent.See also: and, between, far, few

few và far beˈtween

not frequent; not happening often: Since her illness, the former Senator’s public appearances have been few and far between.

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♢ Léman Luxury Apartments for hire are few và far between in this part of town.See also: and, between, far, few

few and far between

Seldom; at wide intervals. This expression is a quotation from Thomas Campbell’s poem “The Pleasures of Hope” (1799): “What though my winged hours of bliss have been, lượt thích angel-visits, few & far between?” At first it was largely applied to rare pleasures, but later it was extended khổng lồ any rare occurrence.See also: and, between, far, fewSee also:

few & far between

very few, rare, the odd one Canada still has timber wolves, but they are few and far between.

few and far between|far between|few

adj. phr. Not many; few và scattered; not often met or found; rare. Used in the predicate. People who will work as hard as Thomas A. Edison are few và far between. Places where you can get water are few & far between in the desert. Really exciting games are few và far between.

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