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CMAK supports the following:

Manage multiple clustersEasy inspection of cluster state (topics, consumers, offsets, brokers, replica distribution, partition distribution)Run preferred replica electionGenerate partition assignments with option khổng lồ select brokers to useRun reassignment of partition (based on generated assignments)Create a topic with optional topic configs ( has different configs than 0.8.2+)Delete topic (only supported on 0.8.2+ và remember mix delete.topic.enable=true in broker config)Topic các mục now indicates topics marked for deletion (only supported on 0.8.2+)Batch generate partition assignments for multiple topics with option lớn select brokers lớn useBatch run reassignment of partition for multiple topicsAdd partitions to existing topicUpdate config for existing topicOptionally enable JMX polling for broker level và topic cấp độ metrics.Optionally filter out consumers that vị not have ids/ owners/ và offsets/ directories in zookeeper.

Cluster Management


Topic List


Topic View


Consumer các mục View


Consumed Topic View


Broker List


Broker View



Java 11+


The minimum configuration is the zookeeper hosts which are lớn be used for CMAK (pka kafka manager) state.This can be found in the application.conf tệp tin in conf directory. The same file will be packagedin the distribution zip file; you may modify settings after unzipping the file on the desired server.

You can specify multiple zookeeper hosts by comma delimiting them, lượt thích so:

Alternatively, use the environment variable ZK_HOSTS if you don"t want lớn hardcode any values.

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You can optionally enable/disable the following functionality by modifying the default menu in application.conf :


./sbt clean dist
Please refer to play framework documentation on production deployment/configuration.

If java is not in your path, or you need to lớn build against a specific java version,please use the following (the example assumes zulu java11):

$ PATH=/usr/lib/jvm/zulu-11-amd64/bin:$PATH JAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/zulu-11-amd64 /path/to/sbt -java-home /usr/lib/jvm/zulu-11-amd64 clean dist

$ bin/cmak

$ bin/cmak -Dconfig.file=/path/to/application.conf -Dhttp.port=8080

$ bin/cmak -java-home /usr/lib/jvm/zulu-11-amd64

$ bin/cmak

sbt debian:packageBinsbt rpm:packageBin