Dragon City MOD APK (Unlimited Money, 999999 Gems, Everything) for Android. Collect và train the cuthử nghiệm dragons in this beautiful Dragon thành phố.

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App summary


About Dragon City Mobile

Dragon City Mobile MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Everything) – An attractive dragon isl& game on Android.

Dragon City is a game developed by Social Point Team where you can build your own islvà và fill it with buildings, habitats và dragons. There are over 1000 dragons for you khổng lồ breed & collect. Moreover, every week a new rồng is released.

Play with other Dragon Trainers in the game by joining a Guild! Interact via chat mode, participate in Guild events, trade Orbs & unloông xã special rewards. Fight in Arenas & Tournaments, complete Quests lớn earn rewards.


Dragon City MOD APK version

Money & Gems in the game Dragon City are very important. If you have sầu a lot of money, you can tăng cấp your dragons khổng lồ become stronger, stronger & most importantly complete your own collection of dragons. With the Dragon City MOD APK version I introduce below, you can use unlimited money, 999999 gems. Very great, isn’t it?

MOD Features

Unlimited money.Diamonds, 99999999 Gems.UP. LEVEL fast.Antiban.Onehit.

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Note: Turn on MOD Onehit when it’s your turn, turn it off when it’s your opponent’s turn.

Grant permission: Settings > Applications > Dragon City mobile > Permissions then grant storage permission for the game.

Dragon City Haông xã 9999999 Gems

Gems in Dragon City mobile are many gamers want to own. Therefore, there are many nhái hacking tools on the internet to get players’ accounts. megaelearning.vn recommends downloading the Long thành phố haông xã 999999 gems at the over of this article.

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This is a private VPS, so you don’t have sầu to lớn worry about being locked out of your tài khoản và losing your niông chồng. All features & game modes of this server are 99% similar to lớn the original version. Therefore, Dragon City điện thoại will be a great choice for you.

New update

Discover the new collection!

Manage your rồng collection in a simple way.Cheông xã out the new collection và the finished ones!Updated Divine Dragon Pass.Manage reward time notifications.Continue conquering other Dragon Collections & become the Dragon Master!

Download Dragon City MOD APK for Android