We may be a little late khổng lồ the các buổi tiệc nhỏ on this one, Attack On Titan: Wings Of Freedom actually released on the 26th of August, after all. But Pure PlayStation’s Dom O’Leary likes to take his time when working-over large naked men, so khuyễn mãi giảm giá with it. Anyhow, if you don’t know yet; the game, based on the critically acclaimed manga & anime franchise of the same name, is a new take on the Musou gamesfrom developer Omega Force và publisher Koei Tecmo (Dynasty Warriors, Warriors Orochi, and a thousand spin offs). Pretend you’ve read nothing about this trò chơi elsewhere, and find out what our flesh hungry reviewer thought of his time within the walls below.Attack on Titan presents an interesting proposition lớn me; not only does it represent a significant change-up in game play from your normal ‘Warriors’ game, it also promises to offer a faithful representation of a fantastic anime series. I’ve long learned khổng lồ be wary when it comes khổng lồ licensed franchises being made into games though, so my mood going into this one could best be described as cautious optimism. Optimism soon turned to delight, as I found a fantastic reproduction of the source material, & an innovative take on 1 v 100 gameplay. Read on with me, friends, khổng lồ find out whether this promising start developed into a great overall experience, và to answer probably the biggest question that hangs over a game like this; if I never watched the anime or read the manga, will I have any idea what’s going on in the game?The tasks you’ll be given are just about varied enough lớn stop the formula getting stale, and later on (through a series of events I won’t spoil for you new people) you’ll get the ability khổng lồ fist-fight with the giants toe-to-toe, which serves to lớn increase the variation in gameplay, & is ridiculous fun. The true strength of this game, however, is in how the gameplay, missions, dialogue, cut-scenes và vignettes all come together as a cohesive package; whether you’re a series tín đồ or not, there’s a story lớn follow, và the missions you’ll tackle and your abilities all make sense in context.Controlling the ODM Gear can take some getting used to, but once you’ve got the hang of switching targets, boosting và attacking you’ve got the basics. Once you’re past that hurdle, there’s much more depth to the combat to dig into, if you lượt thích that kind of thing. On easy mode, you could beat the trò chơi with these basics, but to lớn get any further on harder difficulties, you’ll need to lớn get the hang of; managing resources, giving squad orders, using items & buffs, & your specific character’s traits to augment your slicing skills. Variation of skills between characters is also a nice touch; some are strong, some are fast, others are better leaders, and it’s all faithful to lớn these character’s roles in the source material.The enemies themselves, the eponymous Titans, also deserve a special mention. They are truly one of the most disturbing antagonists I have ever seen in the original manga, và that is lovingly recreated here. Their perpetually grinning human faces on vị trí cao nhất of grotesque, gigantic, naked, (mostly) masculine frames are a fantastic use of the familiar/unfamiliar juxtaposition so popular in modern horror. Enemy thiết kế is massively varied, too – as evidenced by the huge amount of unlockable statues of the beasts you can later decorate your base with.

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They range from 10 foot giants khổng lồ 50 foot monsters, và some special ‘boss’ type enemies with different abilities & patterns also appear later on in the game.There is also an online co-op mode (which can also be played offline in single player) called expedition mode. To be honest though, it’s pretty much the same story as the main game mode, except that you can do consecutive missions khổng lồ boost your rewards. Enjoyment is boosted slightly by adding a partner, but overall it doesn’t add much to the game. I can’t count this as a negative though, as the game feels like a complete package without it, và it’s a fully realised additional mode so it doesn’t detract from the trò chơi either.Apart from the minor annoyances mentioned above, và the occasionally hilarious physics of your enemies (the only way I can describe this is ‘bobble-head’ physics, the enemy character models will sometimes pivot and bend amusingly around a fixed base when faced with complex geometry), this trò chơi is an almost perfect example of its type. For me, it is the best game that has ever come from a licensed anime franchise, the most innovative trò chơi in its broadly related game franchise for a long time, and taken on its own, just bloody good fun to lớn play. I can’t assessthis from the point of view of someone who has never seen the original manga or anime series. But, more than any anime based game I have ever played, I wouldn’t hesitate khổng lồ recommend this trò chơi to my Japan-o-phobicbuddies. Eren Jaeger wants to lớn eliminate every last Titan on earth, & you know what? I think I might just join him.Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom is available now as a physical disc or digital download for PS4 and Xbox One. Prices vary, but Amazon UK are currently offering the trò chơi for a cool £34.85 here:A.O.T. Wings of Freedom (PS4)

. Or $59.99 for our American pals here: A.O.T. Wings of Freedom (PS4)
. Or if you’re mental, you can genuinely buy your own ODM gear here:Mtxc Attack On Titan biến hóa Eren Yeager Three-Dimensional Maneuvering Gear Full mix Silver
, though we suspect it may be for display purposes only. Tell us of your desire to lớn rid the world of Titans, or conversely, khổng lồ devour us puny humans, in the comments below!